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Help us dry the Tears (H.U.D.T.) is a registered charity, charity No: CHY14320
Marie Curie Hospital, Bucharest
(From report by Val Conlon on his first visit to Bucharest)

H.U.D.T. foundation (Divine Mercy in Action) works closely with the Children's hospital in Bucharest, Romania. We provide medical help and all the surgical needs for operations to children who cannot afford them, in many cases a procedure that they would die without.

When I went to Bucharest I met some people who had been working with the street children for some time with very little or no support. I also met a Romanian Doctor who was trying to launch a project for the street children, but could get no support. I was impelled to go and see the conditions for myself. So I went down to one area that they frequented.

I wasn’t prepared for what I saw that evening. Not far from a Government building, I looked down into one of these manholes, I saw a filthy young emaciated child coming up out of the sewer holding a soggy bit of bread in her hand, she was as soggy as the bread. As she climbed up out of the sewer, six other little children followed in the same filthy condition.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, children as young as seven or eight years of age, moving like zombies, filthy dirty and high on glue. The glue numbed their brains and helped them endure the conditions they lived in, and the terrible hunger they were experiencing. They surrounded me and began begging for money, but I was warned not to give them money, what they needed was food, medical attention, and love and this is what we have been attempting to give them since we discovered this sad situation in 1999.


Operating Theatre in Marie Curie Hospital
Children helped by H.U.D.T
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Help us dry the Tears (H.U.D.T) is a registered charity, charity No: CHY14320
Dr. Cantana Marie Curie Hospital
Dr. Cantana was the first of many doctors that made our work at the hospital possible